Jun 5, 2009

Hi there!
I started this painting just to try a new set of brushes, and then I accidentally managed to do this. I have to say I'm happy with this one. I can assure you, to me, this is quite unusual.
Since I started without expectations this one was made with absolutely no reference. I did it in about 6h. Photoshop.


Alex Nery said...

muito bom fred

Amanda said...

Manda mto esse garoto! Parabens, Fred!!

Rob Roy said...

Is it just me or did anyone else notice too that this guy is about the size of a large mountain peak?

Holy cow!

He must be some kind of japanese-monster-robot-dude in the middle of his city-wrecking-frenzy.

But then again -- and here goes no intention whatsoever to be annoying like a british journalist -- where is the city?

-- Rob "the annoying" Roy, Journalist, Great Britain.